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Height: 5"11   |   Eye Color: Green   |   Hair Color: Strawberry Blond


The Four Realms    |   Death   |  Connecticut Deaf Theatre

The Laramie Project    |   Ensemble   |  Deaf Austin Theatre


Not Another Deaf Story    |   Lyle   |  Worldplay Inc.


Romeo & Juliet    |   Tybalt   |  Ophelia Jump Productions

Flowers for Algernon   |   Teaching Machine  |  Deaf West Theatre

Urinetown   |  Mr. Caldwell B. Cladwell  |  Gallaudet University

Agamemnon    |   Thystes/Fury   |  Gallaudet University

Sign Me Alice   |   Chuck   |   Gallaudet University

Beauty and the Beast   |   Beast/Pierre   |  CSD Fremont

Grease   |   Chuck   |  CSD Fremont


Reverie  |  Lead   |   Warehouse TV


MyGo!  |  Lead   |   Moonbug Entertainment


No, Child. No Child.  |  Lead   |   Dir: Brandon Simmoneau


Super Whatevr- Better   |  Lead   |   The Wild Productions/Meyering


Perfect Match   |  Lead   |   Dir: Chase Chambers

The Sound of Silence  |  Student   |   People Magazine Investigates/Schuster

Scanner   |   Lead   |   Dir: Joseph Ruggerio

Roadside   |   Lead   |   Dir: Jabari Phillips

Murderous   |  Adam   |   Dir: Dickie Hearts

A Sign of Respect   |   Larry  |   Tree House Productions/Veltri

Reverse Polarity   |   Brian   |   Damname Productions/Dameron

The Boy Who Cried Wolf   |   Narrator   |   VL2 Storybook Apps/Malzkuhn

Ellis Island Video Tour   |  Irish Immigrant   |  Tree House Productions/Veltri

Signing Naturally   |   Self   |   Dawn Sign Press/Harvey

Spoon River Anthology   |  Jefferson Howard   |   Gallaudet University/Sinnott


ASL Improv   |   Josh Castille   |   Los Angeles

Acting with Jules   |   Jules Dameron   |   Los Angeles

Fight Choreography   |   Casey Kaleba   |   Washington D.C.

Solo Performance   |   Monique Holt   |   Galladuet University

Special Skills

Improv, ASL poetry, English to ASL translation, freestyle/choreographed dancing, swimming, running, jogging, cycling, painting, weight lifting, yoga, visual gesture communication

Special Skills

Improv, swimming, running, jogging, cycling, painting, weight lifting, yoga, visual gesture communication, freestyle dancing, choreographed dancing, photography  English to ASL translation, ASL poetry

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